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ecostore laundry liquid

ecostore Laundry Liquid is a plant-based, ultra-concentrated laundry liquid that is free from chemicals like optical whiteners, artificial fragrances and phosphates. The formula is gentle on clothes but effective on dirt and stains. It is septic tank and greywater-safe. Available in Eucalyptus, Geranium & Orange and Fragrance-Free variations suitable for sensitive skin.

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Fragrance Free - Excellent

I wanted to switch to a fragrance free laundry detergent because our 5 month old baby has very sensitive skin and seemed to be getting irritation from her clothes. The only fragrance free options were either hard to find, or reading other reviews, seemed like they wouldn't clean as well. Ecostore laundry liquid seemed to be a healthier, more eco-friendly option, with good general reviews, so I decide to give it and some of their other cleaning products a go. After using this for a few weeks (which anyone with a little one knows is many, many loads of washing), I've noticed no difference in the cleanliness of mine, my husbands or baby's clothes. Baby spit-up, nappy leaks (including poo explosions), and "dirtiness" from regular wear hasn't been an issue for the Ecostore laundry liquid. And best of all, my baby's irritation seems to have settled down. We have a front loader and use about half a cap full, so should get about 56 washes out of the 1L bottle. Have already bought a spare because I've been really happy with the results and they were on special. Only issue is they don't seem to stock the fragrance free at Woolworths, which would be more convenient, but I can get it from Babies r Us or their online store.