ecostore Auto Dish Tablets

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ecostore auto dishwas tablets

ecostore Auto Dish Tablets are all-in-one tablets with built-in rinse aid. The plant-based ingredients work to remove stains while preventing spots, streaking and a build up of limescale in the dishwasher. The tablets are individually wrapped in a PVA biodegradable wrapper that dissolves in the machine. They are suitable for use in all dishwashing machines, including dish drawers. The tablets are unscented and free from phosphates and synthetic dyes.

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Does the job well!

I don't know why I didn't try these sooner. I've always been a bit put-off by cleaning product type smells, including dishwashing detergent, but have previously not bothered to find an alternative. Since having my first baby 5 months ago, I've really been keen to change our household products to healthier, more eco-friendly alternatives, and fragrance free where possible. These are perfect! They clean everything well, are affordable and don't stink up the kitchen with yucky chemical-like fragrance. I'm usually a pre-dishwasher "rinser" (just rinse the majority of sauce, etc. under the tap before stacking in the washer), but wanted to give these a real go, so didn't rinse plates, bowls, coffee mugs, red wine glasses, or bbq utensils before stacking, and everything came out perfectly clean. Have had issues with other brands not dissolving properly or cleaning well (even with rinsed dishes), leaving residue on things, and fogging up glasses. I've been really impressed with these tablets and will purchase again. Very happy with Ecostore products in general and have a few things on my to-try list.