Marquee Letters

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spotlight marquee letters

Marquee Letters is a light box kit that comes with a letter, strand of lights, clear bulb caps, instructions and a template to customise the design. The letters can be used with Marquee Love glitter or patterned paper.

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make it your own

I love my Marquee letters from Heidi Swapp. I have decorate a number of them for my bedroom, craft room, and for events and parties. I love that you can easily change how it is decorated for a unique decoration


I recently purchased the letter A for my fiancés birthday party. I set up a little display and included this in it. The light up letter really set off the table display. I love that the letters are customizable to whatever your style is! I find it frustrating sometimes to be locked into certain looks but this letter allowed me to design something completely unique that was a lovely personal touch to the evening.