ecostore Cream Cleanser

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ecostore cream cleanser

ecostore Cream Cleanser is a plant-based cream cleanser suitable for use on enamel, baths and basins, whiteware and all stainless steel, chrome, tiles and laminated surfaces. The formula is free from synthetic dyes, fragrances or isothiazolinones. Available in Lemon and Fragrance-Free.

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Love, love, love

Thank you Homeheaven, I received this as part of my gifts for reaching silver status, I was always a bit sceptical about using cream cleansers previously, as I found them to be messy and harsh chemical smelling. This product is so different though, it cleans my tiles and especially my spa bath and vanity fabulously, it is great, it is free from nasty smells, synthetic dyes and whatever that other big word means.........isothiazolinones?????? I feel that it is better for the environment. It especially has my vanity, which is a mix of white ceramic and stainless steel, absolutely glowing. Did I say, I love, love, love it. Would highly recommend this. Pretty keen to try out other Ecostore products.